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Barley Wik sing like angels and play an array of acoustic instruments like they sold their souls to the devil. The all-female band reinvents old-time music with an impressive collection of well-crafted original songs that reshape folk and country with a little twist of bluegrass.
The band's name comes from the 15th century term bailiwick, a reference to someone's area of authority. It's a place where someone can have their say, and Barley Wik's members have their say as a collection of individuals with eclectic musical influences. Barley Wik's sound reflects a musical style as diverse as their individual histories. The groups' roots in the Saskatchewan prairie, small town Ontario , 1960s British styles, and a strong tie to the land merge to create a singular sound that incorporates a range of musical forms. Old-time country, folk, blues, bluegrass and spirituals inspire Barley Wik's songs. All members are songwriters, and each brings a creativity and honesty to their music-making which keeps it real.
Since forming in 2002, the Victoria-based band has produced three independently recorded, critically acclaimed CDs. Monday Magazine chose Triangle Mountain the "most listenable CD" in 2004, while Barley Wik's second CD, Dusty Lullaby , was chosen album of the year in 2005 at the Vancouver Island Music Awards. Barley Wik's newest release, Beyond The Down , has received wide-play on CBC airwaves. Jane Siberry recently chose Barley Wik for, an artist-run on-line music showcase. Siberry describes Barley Wik's music as "heart, spirit, wide, dusty (but clear), great energy."

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"With their new album, Beyond the Down, Barley Wik offers a mix of down home country, bluegrass and spirituals with a strong pop sensibility - landing them somewhere between the Dixie Chicks and The Eagles" Ric Taylor, View Magazine, Hamilton

"Barley Wik has got it dialed in and have a clue on how to get a crowd going. They are great performers and great guests."  Glenn A. Stevenson, Breakfast Television, Calgary

"With rich harmonies, steady train grooves and incredible stage vibe, Barley Wik displays an incredible knowledge of roots music that mixes bluegrass with folk, hints of gospel and a whole lotta attitude.  Where the heck are these girls from again?" Jason Valleau, The Polyjesters, Music Director of the Mountain View Music Fest

"Barley Wik help us make good TV." Jeff Rogstad, Host/Producer, CTV Noon News, Regina

"The first time I opened a Barley Wik CD and played it on the show, I fell in love immediately with the sound, the voices, the musicianship, the songwriting. Barley Wik are great. They're fantastic!" Sheryl MacKay, Host of "North by Northwest", CBC Radio, Vancouver

"Barley Wik is the real thing - they have great energy, strong harmonies, and diverse musical talents. There is a genuine quality in all the band mates that comes across in their music. Barley Wik is not the only girl band on the music scene, but they are one of the best ones to watch." Jenny Matechuk, Arts and Entertainment Reporter, CHTV, Hamilton

"Barley Wik put on a fantastic performance with their rollicking rhythms and beautiful harmonies. The crowd was exceptionally appreciative, giving them a standing ovation midway through their performance (the only one that weekend)." Del and Lesley Ramage, Grandview Stage MusicFest

" If you like traditional country and bluegrass - not that countrypolitan stuff you hear all too often on commercial radio stations - then Barley Wik is for you. They move from Bill Monroe to Bob Dylan with ease... Each member of the band is an outstanding musician in her own right and together their harmonies are unbelievably tight. Their musical prowess extends to their songwriting. Meaningful lyrics, great hooks, and flat-out great music are the hallmark of this up-and-coming band." Lyn Davis, Girls Night In, CFUV Radio

"Musical prowess wasn't an issue over at the Main Stage, where Barley Wik, a Victoria- based, all female bluegrass group, sang the sweet harmonies of traditional country classics as the distinctly non-traditional crowd members performed their own unique jigs."
Jennifer Van Evra, Review of Under the Volcano Festival, Georgia Straight Magazine

"A unique group of woman who put the old-timey back into being a group of singer-songwriters."
Rae Spoon, Musician

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"Beyond the Down" 2006

.."the 12 track Beyond The Down, is by far the strongest of their three-disc library; the harmonies are tighter, the melodies more toe-tappng, the instrumentation cleaner and the overall production is smoth without being too slick. As such, Beyond The Down should be Barley Wik's passport to greater acclaim." (Monday Magazine)
Click here for the full CD review.

"Dusty Lullaby" 2004

Click here for the CD review.

"Album of the Year" 2004 (Vancouver Island Music Awards)

"Triangle Mountain" (2003)

Click here for the CD review.

"Most Electrifying Acoustic Performance", "Most Listenable Local CD" - Monday Magazine
Click here for article.

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"Female Four-Piece has Deep Prairie Roots" - The StarPhoenix, August 16,2007

"Barley Wik Comes to Town" - Golden Star, July 2006

"From the Centre" - Creston Valley Advance, July 2006

"Booty-smackin' Shooters & Sticky Fingers" - XTRA! - Toronto, Ont, May 2004

"Barley Wik comes to Golden" - The Golden Star - Golden, BC , May 2003

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