"With rich harmonies, steady train grooves and incredible stage vibe, Barley Wik displays an incredible knowledge of roots music that mixes bluegrass with folk, hints of gospel and a whole lotta attitude...." Jason Valleau, The Polyjesters, Music Director of the Mountain View Music Fest

Barley Wik sing like angels and play an array of acoustic instruments like they sold their souls to the devil. The all-female band reinvents old-time music with an impressive collection of well-crafted original songs that reshape folk and country with a little twist of bluegrass.

The band’s name comes from the 15th century term bailiwick, a reference to someone’s area of authority. It’s a place where someone can have their say, and Barley Wik’s members have their say as a collection of individuals with wildly eclectic musical influences.

Barley Wik’s sound reflects a musical style as diverse as their individual histories. The groups’ roots in the Saskatchewan prairie, small town Ontario, 1960s British styles, and a strong tie to the land merge to create a singular sound that incorporates a range of musical forms. Old-time country, folk, blues, bluegrass and spirituals inspire Barley Wik’s songs. All members are songwriters, and each brings a creativity and honesty to their music-making which keeps it real.

"Barley Wik is the real thing - they have great energy, strong harmonies, and diverse musical talents. There is a genuine quality in all the band mates that comes across in their music. Barley Wik is not the only girl band on the music scene, but they are one of the best ones to watch." Jenny Matechuk, Arts and Entertainment Reporter, CHTV, Victoria, BC

Check us out at: myspace.com & sonicbids.com

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